Types Of Display Screen (Computer Science Technology)

Types Of Display Screen:
          Display Screen are divided into two category one is CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Monitor and other is Flat Panel Display. Every display uses different technology, different in results and having different cost. Now discuss these types in detail:

  • CRT Monitor:
           This type of display screen uses a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) to display an image on screen. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) consists of one or more guns for fire a beam of electrons in screen. The screen is coated with tiny phosphor dots from inside. The electronic beam falls on the surface of screen repeatedly. Every beams required specific time periods. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) consist of three guns to generate RGB color (Red, Green, Blue). These primary color generate all possible color by mixing of it with quantity based.

  • Flat Panel Display:
                       As the name suggested Flat Panel, the display screen are flat surface in front of display screen.  Flat Panel display screen required less space and it is lightweight. These display screen uses more less power than CRT (Cathode ray Tube). Flat Panel display screen uses the technology of two plates of glass. These two plates contains a substance in between. Then substance is activated in different ways to generate picture on display screen. Flat Panel is divided in different ways.
1) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display):

       This type of display screen uses liquid crystal. liquid crystal line up in such a way that light behind the screen allowed to not allowed to create an image.

                 To understand LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panels is that they all uses white back-light (Sidelight). Screen work by shining a light and bright white light into your eyes, while the other panel is use for changing the back-light into individual pixels.

2) ELD (Electro Luminescent Display):

         ELD (Electro Luminescent Display) is a type of Flat panel display screen created by sandwiching a layer of Electro Luminescent material (Gas between two layers of conductors). When current flows, the layer of material emits the radiation in the form of light that is visible to us.
3) Gas Plasma Display:

        Gas Plasma Display is thin display screen and type of Flat Panel Display. Gas Plasma Display screen works by sandwiching Neon gas between two plates. Each plate inside is coated with a conductive print. One plate work to display vertical and other for horizontal and similar to neon bulb. It is more expensive technology and not commonly used.

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