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Stay strong and healthy with muscle strength training!

Stay strong and healthy with strength training!

Most of us begin to lose muscle strength and lose muscles at 35 years of age. This is, due to aging and the fact that our activity decreasing with age. However, there is one easy solution to reducing muscle strength - namely strength training!

Helps maintain muscle mass:

Regular strength training will help you maintain strength and muscle mass. And not all of this - with regular strength training you grow your muscle mass, regardless of whether you start at age 30 or 70!

10 tips to gain muscles mass and strength

Loss Weight:

Adult men who do not do strength training or exercise other muscle-building activities may lose up to half a kilo of muscle mass a year from the age of 50. Of course, women have less muscle mass than men, so for them, strength training is all the more important.

Keeps your bones firm:

Strength training is important for maintaining muscles mass, but it is also important for your bones. The bone that does not get enough movement quickly loses its strength.

The best exercise to strengthen the skeleton is one that exposes the skeleton to stress or shocks. The resistance generated by the strength training causes pressure in the bones and helps to form a more solid structure. For excitement, the skeleton, in turn, is exposed to, among other things, running and jumping.

six-month training:

Studies have shown that six-month regular strength training increases skeletal strength by 2%. It may not sound like a lot, but if your bone strengthens by a couple of percents, it is a remarkable improvement and can protect you from serious injuries.

Keeps your body healthy and strong!

In addition to strengthening the skeleton and growing muscles mass, you get a whole host of other positive health effects that help keep your body youthful and fit.

Strength training:

A stronger body will withstand more stress and will generate more energy in an active everyday life. Regular strength training also affects body composition. The proportion of muscle mass increases and the proportion of adipose tissue decreases. Strength training thus also contributes to energy-burning because muscle burns fat more than fat tissue. In addition, the body is able to regulate blood sugar levels better.

Strength training is important for maintaining health. The body remains strong and strong, looks younger and you feel good!
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Work out outdoors without worrying about the weather!

Work out outdoors without worrying! When the thermometer reads down and the days become shorter, it is easy to leave the running shoes lying on the shelf. We will give you tips that will give you enthusiasm for exercise in the darkness of autumn.

It's easy to find excuses for immobility - and it's especially easy in the fall and winter when it's both dark and cold. Many choose to sit on the sofa instead of exercise during autumn and winter. In fact, we average about half a kilo during the winter months.

But autumn and winter are a time when exercise is especially useful for us because it provides extra protection and energy. In fact, autumn can be the best time for outdoor activities if you have the right equipment. If you prefer to be inside, there are many exciting exercise groups in the gyms to try out.

How do you maintain motivation to move in the dark?

Create an exercise plan

Make a plan for the days of workout and in what way - and stick to it! Many think that the best time to work out is in the morning or right after the work is finished because it is harder to get up on the couch in the evening when you are tired after the day.

Another tip is to add exercise as a natural part of your day. If you go out for a while with your friends or if you live close to your workplace, you can move between places either by walking or cycling.

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In order for you to move, it may be wise to make a binding agreement with someone. It's nice to combine exercise and social life. Registering with a local exercise group can be another option.

Get the right equipment for work out:

If you like traveling outside, there is no reason to stop it after the fall. But it's important to be properly dressed!

If you plan on running. It is recommended to dress as lightly as possible. If you have a lot of clothing, you sweat and cool more easily. Synthetic fibers are better than cotton. At the beginning of the exercise, it is good to be a little cold because of the warmth of the exercise, and at that time it is more comfortable when you have fewer clothes on.

In winter, headlamps and pins in shoes can also be a good option.

Try something new

If your favorite exercise is an outdoor exercise, but you simply don't bother to work out when it's cold, you can take advantage of the opportunity to try something new. Try some group exercise in the gym.

It may also be nice to take indoor sports. For example, you can both cycle and run!

Set a goal

What do you want from exercise? Setting realistic goals can be a good motivator. You may have short-term goals, such as running a 5-kilometer ride, cycling to work, etc. In addition to the short-term goal, there may also be the main goal, such as long hiking in the fells, running a marathon, or something else.

If you're motivated, it's easier to succeed. Goal setting increases both input and endurance. But it is important that the goal is attractive to you so that you do not lose your passion along the way.
Health Benefit of Cinnamon and Weight Loss Tips

Diets for volume: Specific to gain body muscle mass

Surely you spend hours in the gym every day trying to find the results you want so much, which despite all the efforts you make you can not get. The main cause of this happening is that you do not complement your good workouts with a healthy and balanced diet, and for this reason, we bring you a series of diets and foods that will help you achieve your goal of gaining more body muscle mass.

How to increase muscle mass?

There are many tricks to increase muscle mass without gaining weight, plus you can perform strength exercises, you have to be careful with food. Not only monitoring the quality and quantity of calories that should be consumed, since in any case, but they should also be more than those that are burned.

The exact amount of calories you ingest is what will make the muscles hypertrophy making you more muscular avoiding fat gain. So what you should do is consume a surplus of 300 to 500 calories a day eating protein (at least 2g per kilo of body weight), carbohydrates (between 4 and 5 g per kilo of weight), unsaturated fats and especially eating between 5 and 6 times a day in such a way that the glucose levels remain stable.

The best foods to gain muscle volume


Carbohydrates are the main source of energy and those that will boost your results. Even if you eat the right amount of protein, you should not forget about carbohydrates to get the most out of your diet.


Without oats, a list of foods to gain muscle mass would not be complete so Eating oatmeal at breakfast every day is good nutritional advice, which will help to increase muscle mass cleanly and in a healthy way. It contains proteins of biological value, fat, sodium, potassium, calcium and vitamins of group B.

Brown rice:

You should never miss brown rice in a list of foods to increase muscle volume. You can consume cooked that provides 3% fiber and 7% protein per cup.


it is considered another food that is revolutionizing the market for its great contribution to increase muscle mass. It is little known but everyone should include it as part of their diets. If you want to gain weight and volume. 100 grams have 14 grams of protein, in addition to essential amino acids.

Sweet potato:

The sweet potato has recently become popular as one of the best foods to gain muscle volume or even to define. It is a carbohydrate that has a low glycemic index, that is, it is absorbed very slowly, which translates into something beneficial for the muscles.


Proteins are the nourishment of muscles, so without them, muscle growth is not possible. We need to take at least 2-3g daily per kg of body weight if we want to stay in an anabolic state.

And for this, we also need complete proteins, of high biological value and in the vast majority of foods (supplements should be only a complementary source of the diet). Here are some examples of the most important sources:


Undoubtedly it is the first food that is needed to increase muscle mass because it is the richest source of quality protein and also contains vitamins. It is digested quickly because it is useful to eat it before or after training.


the chicken breast provides about 25 grams of protein per 100 that is consumed and contains 120 calories, and not only this but it is cheaper than buying red meat.

Red meat:

This food cannot be on the list of foods to increase muscle mass, because it contains a large amount of protein, iron, and creatine naturally. You can alternate between chicken and red meat to vary with different sources. Meats like veal or foal are a plus when it comes to gaining muscle mass.


Could not miss this food on the list of meals to increase muscle volume. Because for any diet is of utmost importance even if you want to even vital, tuna is like the exclusivity in proteins, contains omega 3 and is metabolized effectively.

Whey protein:

Both to gain muscle mass or lose fat, proteins are the most important supplement because it provides the necessary amino acids to the muscles quickly, it is easy to take and it is also cheap. Although the most recommended is whey protein, there are also other proteins such as veal or some vegetables such as soy, pea or hemp, which can be used both for intolerant and for vegetarians and vegans.

Milk and derivatives:

These foods that serve to increase muscle volume could not be lacking in our diet, contain little fat and provide the body with the proteins and nutrients essential for growth.muscle


yogurt is included since a list of foods that serve to increase muscle mass is not complete without this powerful digestive. It not only helps to increase the benign bacteria that are in our digestive tract, which favors the digestion of proteins.


It is important to know that healthy fats play an important role in muscle volume and for the production of hormones such as growth hormone and also testosterone. They are those that have to do with muscle growth and strength. Fats are also important for other functions that occur in our body.

Healthy fats

When we talk about healthy fats we refer to polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which are obtained in fish such as salmon, also in green leafy vegetables, nuts, avocado, seeds and in some types of oils such as olive. These foods are all rich in fatty acids.


Among these, we have the nuts, sunflower seeds and almonds are considered the best for this purpose. They serve to prepare those quick snacks even to complete dishes. They are rich in high contents of healthy fat, fibers, and proteins.


here we can not forget the olive oil, a source of omega 3 and vitamin E that cannot be missing in our diet so it is an extra virgin much better.

Fruits and vegetables

They are considered excellent sources of antioxidants necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Both fruits and vegetables provide us with a good amount of nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta carotenes.

It also serves to provide the body with an important amount of fiber that is required to expel a large number of substances that our body does not need. In this section include lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli or asparagus. Fruits include bananas, apples, and oranges. If we also take advantage of each season much better.

Tips and recommendations

The foods that contribute to increasing muscle mass are not enough by themselves. You should know how to balance them and eat them when necessary, that is why we want to give you some good advice so that you get excellent results:

Eat protein, for muscle growth, is of utmost importance, you should eat at least 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal. Make at least 6 small meals during the day. Spread out every 2: 30-3 hours to maintain a constant flow of nutrients.

It consumes natural fats, they are the ones that help protect the muscle from catabolism and allow us to train at a higher intensity.

It is also important to take after training proteins accompanied by simple carbohydrates so that your muscles begin to recover earlier. Before training, it is better to consume slow-absorbing carbohydrates.

Hydrate yourself correctly, drinking water frequently and at least 3 liters a day. Do not forget to bring water when you are training.

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Examples of diet

Diet example 1


250ml skimmed milk

1 banana

40g of whey protein


2 whole eggs

4 clear

2 slices of whole grain bread


150g chicken

1 sweet potato

4 rice pancakes



200g of pasta

2 cans of tuna


150g of fish

100g of rice (of the variety you choose)


Before sleep

250ml skimmed milk

40g casein

Example of diet 2


10 egg whites

100g of oats

250ml of orange juice


40g of whey protein

6 rice pancakes


150g chicken

1 medium roasted potato


200g fresh cheese shake

1 banana

4 rice pancakes


150g of grilled turkey

2 slices of whole grain bread


1 piece of fruit

Before sleep

40g casein

A handful of nuts

Example of menu








These diets have approximately 3000-3500 calories each. The proportions of each macro should be adjusted according to the guidelines we have given for each individual and their body weight. Also do not forget to vary each protein source (veal per chicken or turkey, salmon per hake ...), carbohydrates (sweet potato, potato, pasta and rice mainly) and fats (do not forget the olive oil, nuts and other oils that we can add as the coconut) for which we have given you.

Do not forget that these diets are designed to gain muscle mass and that you should not be extremely strict with calories: to gain muscle you will need to eat and you do not need to complicate things too much: keep a few macros adequate And do not follow everything you eat to the millimeter. You'll do that when you want to lose fat.

If for any reason you have any problem to follow these tips to the letter, varies the carbohydrate rations in these meals. Another very important detail is that if you start the plan and for some reasons, you notice that with these diets you realize that you are gaining fat, you must readjust the calories correctly. Remember that a good distribution of your meals all day is an excellent idea that will help you get a good flow of nutrients in the muscle tissues. To obtain a variety as you progress through each week you can substitute foods with similar nutritional value and create your own mixes of foods.

10 tips to gain muscles mass and strength

Here you can find all diets:

3000 calories

3500 calories

4000 calorie diet

5000 calories

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10 tips to gain muscles mass and strength

10 tips to gain muscles mass and strength. Do you want to gain muscles mass? Don't sad! Do not expose yourself to overtraining, we give you 10 tips to gain muscles mass and strength in a real and healthy way.

The work in the gym helps the muscles recover from the daily physical tension and, at the same time, there is a change of image. It is the best tool to delay the loss of physical condition and muscles mass that occurs as we get older.

Benefits of using weights

One of the best ways to stay healthy and to counteract the sedentary life in which we develop is exercise. In the gym, you can work different parts of the body and the weights are a good tool. It can get a better appearance, helps maintain strong bones, activate metabolic rate and keep us agile and flexible.

athlete biceps body

It is necessary to clarify that there are many ways to do weights. Usually, when we are told that we must work with weights, we imagine that the purpose is only to be "muscular", however, weight training implies other benefits. On the one hand, it helps to increase the speed and explosiveness of movements, and on the other, to achieve a muscular form.


It can also be highly recommended for injuries. Good musculature in the quadriceps and femoral biceps helps a lot in the knee injury. Therefore, it is important to end that myth and see the weights as a healthy and entertaining sport.

Strength training for muscles mass

Strength training helps develop maximum strength and endurance strength, as well as muscle mass. The fact that they increase one or another quality or, well, all three, depends on the programming of the training. Strength training increases and maintains muscles mass; it diminishes the negative changes in physiological functions related to age.

Decline Health:

The decline in health is due to the loss of muscle mass and can be prevented considerably with a regular schedule. If done twice a week, you can avoid a succession of negative health consequences. We can all get the benefits of strength training no matter what age you start working. Of course, before starting any training program; The individual must perform a medical examination and obtain authorization to practice physical activity.

Training for muscles mass:

This is very important, especially if the training is older than 40 years. When strength training is incorporated into a complete fitness program (i.e., it also includes aerobic activities and flexibility work), it reduces the presence of risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, non-insulin-dependent diabetes and colon cancer; prevents osteoporosis, facilitates the loss and / or control of weight, improves dynamic stability and retains the functional motor capacity, also promotes psychological well-being.

Acquire speed and power!

Scientific research has also confirmed that training not only helps increase strength but also helps the development of speed and power. Bones, cartilages, tendons, and ligaments have minimum requirements of essential stresses with overload; which are provided by the training. The optimal development of the force requires loads and intensities that progressively increase the tension or training stimulus.

In fact, working with weights has been used more and more as a factor in the prevention of osteoporosis; due to the stimulation of bone formation and remodeling that occurs with exercise.

Strength training: excellent for mental health

Also, there are studies that indicate that those who undergo strength training benefit from better self-esteem, because it seems to give a sense of personal power.

A study on anxiety-induced anxiolysis (decreased anxiety) showed reductions in anxiety after exercise; because this activity offers a "dead time" (rest) of daily worries. This suggests that occupying free time in healthy and enjoyable physical activity generates effects on the state of anxiety.

When should you train?

As you see, there are many reasons (reasons) for not discouraging this type of activity, but quite the opposite. Also, if the interest is not only to be healthy but to look good, this is the best way to build the body.

beef delicious dinner

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, to obtain the benefits of health and body composition, a minimum of three sessions per week is recommended, so this will give the muscles enough stimulation to stay in good shape and be healthy. If you want to increase performance in a sport, increase muscle mass, tone the body or increase strength. You need to practice more frequently, increase the time of practice.


Remember: to have the results you are looking for you need a complete training program that combines strength training, aerobic work, and flexibility. Also, a balanced diet that provides the body with the necessary nutrients in quality and quantity. There are also many supplements that help to have better performance such as creatine, proteins, and HMB, etc.

10 tips to increase muscle quickly


Perform adequate heating. Remember to devote 5 to 10 minutes to prepare your body for exercise. Warming up will help you lubricate joints, increase the flow of blood and nutrients to the muscles you will work on, and raise body temperature slightly to avoid injuries in your training.


Respect the execution technique of each exercise. The exercises you perform in your routine should be done with the best technique, concentrating the effort on the muscles for which it is designed. Without making additional moves or traps, that far from helping you make your routine less effective.

Use weights that you can control:

Use weights that you can control. If the weight is excessive it is very likely that you lose the correct technique and you can hurt yourself easily.

Exercise all muscles:

Exercise all the muscles of the body. In this way, you will develop physical proportional and balanced, and you will not end up looking like Johnny Bravo, a very big torso and very thin legs.

Change routines:

Change your routines every four or five weeks. If you change them frequently, your muscles will not have time to adapt and you will not achieve the development you are looking for.


Give your muscles rest. Do not fall into the common mistake of wanting to train a daily muscle group. For example, the arms thinking that this way they will grow more.

bench daylight daytime 1288484 1 1

If you do, the result will be the opposite, you will reach a point of stagnation due to muscle fatigue. Give at least 48 hours of rest to a muscle group before re-training.


Eat a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins at the end of the training because carbohydrates will replenish the energy reserves of your muscles. The protein will favor the repair of them. A practical way to do it is to take a shake of a supplement with these characteristics just after finishing training.


Perform stretching between sets and at the end of the training. Thus, you will achieve a better stimulation of the fibers of your muscles and the result will be greater growth. In addition, you will stay agile and flexible and reduce the risk of injury.


Include in your diet the right amount of protein. Your muscles need amino acids (the structural components of proteins) for repair and growth and protein content in the diet should be between 20 and 35% of the total calories consumed.

close up food preparation fresh

Aerobic exercise:

Include aerobic exercise in your training routine, since it is the most effective way to reduce the percentage of muscle fat and achieve a defined and marked appearance. It is essential to seek advice with a coach or a training systems specialist.

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Health Benefit of Cinnamon and Weight Loss Tips

If you are thinking about weight loss quickly. Then definitely there are various plans that will become ahead in your mind all concerned with tablets and surgeries? But in all such conditions sometimes you need to listen to your heart who is just speaking in favor of getting the excellent outcomes in natural methods.

If we talk about one of the best effective ways for the weight loss then we will always highlight with the name of Cinnamon. It would not be wrong enough to say that Cinnamon and weight loss walk hand to hand. You surprised to see the health benefits of cinnamon and mainly for weight loss

What is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a form of spice that is used for adding flavor inside foods and even acts as a medicinal too. It is said to be all rich in manganese, iron, calcium, and fiber that helps a lot in the proper functioning and improve digestion, prevent nausea, bloating and diarrhea. This spice in the shape of medicine is best for controlling with the inflammation, oxidative stress and causes fat mass loss.

Health benefits of cinnamon:

Stress with Cinnamon :

Cinnamon has one of the best antioxidants that are helpful for reducing inflammation and even controls stress.

Stress is all responsible for increasing the blood sugar level and even gives rise to inflammation that disturbs the immune system on a huge level.

Weight Loss with Cinnamon:

Regular use of cinnamon reduces the stress and slows down a greater sum of Cortisol that is best for weight loss as well.

For weight loss, it's important that the blood sugar level of the human body should be decreased enough. Cinnamon is accountable for the production of the pancreas that maintains the blood sugar level. Weight loss can even slow down the level of getting diabetes.

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Studies have revealed that by consuming cinnamon almost 20% of metabolism rate gets an increase. It shed out all the fats and even burns excessive fats from the body.

Cinnamon help in Cholesterol level:

Cinnamon is helpful for controlling the cholesterol level as well. A high level of cholesterol blocks the arteries that stop the functioning of the entire human body. This even led to heart diseases too.

Quantity of Cinnamon:

If you want to lose weight with the help of Cinnamon then you must intake 500mg per day. 250 mg in the morning and almost 250 mg in the evening. Try to keep yourself away from the Cinnamon tablets and supplements because they never give back excellent outcomes by the end of the day.

So make sure that your daily meals have added with the presence of Cinnamon as well and in just one month you will get quickest weight loss for sure.

Surprising Health benefits of garlic you may not know

Surprising Health benefits of garlic you may not know

Garlic is undoubtedly an excellent gift which has been given by Mother Nature to us. There are many medical advantages of garlic. One of the best things about that you will be able to get it everywhere at cheap prices. Here some of the many health benefits:

Health Benefits of Garlic:

Here a list of ways that garlic may help to improve our

Garlic Enhances Disease Fighting Capability:

Regarding the health benefits, It will help you to solve your problems associated with transmissions. Not only this it will be able to help you to avoid fungally. When your intake garlic clove. It will help in enhancing your immune system. It has lots of vitamin B6, magnesium and selenium.

Garlic Lowers Blood Pressure Level:

adult blood control 220723 1

With the intake of garlic, you are also able to reduce hypertension by as much as 5 percent. With the help of dietary supplements, you will also be able to reduce an individual’s chance of developing a heart stroke by about 40 %.

Garlic Provides a Clear Skin:

If you wish to have a clearer skin so garlic is the answer. It is with the help that you will also be able to reduce the symptoms of acne. when it ingested into the body. It is advisable not to apply directly to the skin as it can cause redness and swelling.

Prevent the Formation of Cancer Cells:

It considered being an important part of the nourishment in the body. This is because it can help in the prevention of cancer cells to form in the body. A study has revealed that when we use raw garlic on a daily basis it helps to minimize the amount of free radical cells within the body. These cells associated with cancer and are also undergoing research on a daily basis.

Helps to Get Rid of Mosquitoes:

If you are the type who is on the lookout for a way to decrease the presence of mosquitoes in your house then garlic is the answer. This is because it has a compound known as Allicin which can discourage the natural attraction of our skin from those pesky mosquitoes. It has been contemplated that the mosquitoes are subjugated by the scent of it, which can easily escape from the pores and this is what renders the mosquitoes from biting.

It is very advantageous for our health. It is a supplement that should be implemented into our diet for a healthy body. We are able to enjoy the many health benefits

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Food trend: food trends you will see in 2019

Here is the 2019 food trend!

We are paying more attention to the food trend and we want our diet to be healthy and to make food sustainable. We are increasingly trying new ingredients and dishes from different continents. At the same time, we expect the food industry to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Some of the trends predicted to hit in 2019.

Awareness of food trend:

Food awareness is on the surface in 2019. Many people are already taking care that food is not only healthy but also organic and fair trade.

In addition, we are increasingly interested in knowing how food has been grown or made.

Many food manufacturers adhere to food standards that allow products to be traced throughout the manufacturing chain. They must comply with certain ethical guidelines for production and origin.

Another Food trend to grow in 2019:

The "food waste" movement. It is about reducing food waste - both in terms of manufacturing and in terms of food discarding. Ingredients that are left over from raw material production are used to make new products, and we become more aware that food can also be used after the expiry date.

We use powders containing vitamins and minerals

According to Wholefood, an American food waste, different powders are the hot trend of 2019.

Maca Powder:

Maca is a root vegetable that is full of vitamins and minerals, it looks a bit radish. Matcha is powdered tea leaves, full of good nutrients and old familiar cocoa, are some powders that are predicted to become more common in the preparation of smoothies, juices, soups, and other food.

We use the whole plant:

Most of us today throw the broccoli stalk into the trash, but in 2019 it is trendy to use vegetables to make food. This means that both the stem and the root user. This is a continuation of the "food waste" trend, which reduces food waste.

In the future, cookbooks will be published to guide you through how the whole vegetable can be used in everyday food preparation, and chefs are increasingly creative when using both roots and stalks for cooking.

Roses are red:

In recent years, trendy cocktail bars have had drinks with ingredients such as. lavender. According to Wholefoods, the flower trend continues in 2019.

For example, lavender is still popular, but according to the Wholefoods chain, we will also see hibiscus and roses as spices for food and drink.

Algae are superfood:

Algae are sustainable food and they grow fast and without any burden on the environment. They also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Asian countries such as China, Korea, and Japan have eaten algae all the time - dried, cooked and fresh.

Until now, Nordic algae consumption has probably been low but now is believed to change. We are becoming more and more open to new flavors and compositions. In addition, algae are close by and natural.

An alternative to sugar:

The Specialty Food Association's Trendspotter Panel predicts that sugar will be increasingly under review in 2019.

10 incredibles exercise and tips to increase muscle mass

Surely you have asked yourself more than once: How to increase muscle mass?

In this post, we will give you some tricks so that you can increase muscle mass by doing it correctly.

First of all, take note of everything we will explain below so that you have it in mind at all times.

But first, we want an expert like Sascha fitness to give us her 10 best tips to increase muscle mass.

Then we will add other tips to gain the muscle mass that are very effective too, especially if you apply them all together.

The 10 Best Tips to Increase Muscle Mass:

1- Speed up your metabolism

The first trick we will explain how to increase muscle mass is to force the metabolism, accelerating it so that you can get better and better results with your daily workouts.

Well, the first way to achieve it is very simple, ice your drinks. The ice forces your body to work extra to melt it and acclimate it to the temperature of your body. Therefore: you are burning more calories.

Another very good way to achieve this is to exercise at intervals of time and intensity. If today you ride a bicycle to do cardiovascular exercise, as time passes, the intensity of the bicycle changes.

Not only does it help you to be more awake at different times, but it has also been shown that those who consume coffee on a daily basis have a metabolic rate 16% higher than the average.

However, coffee should not be abused because it can cause hypertension or unleash the nerves.

2- Eat more to gain muscle mass:

Eat more?

It may seem strange since "eating more" translates into fattening for many people. Well, this is not necessarily so, as long as you follow the following rules.

Forget about the excuses you normally give when someone asks you: Why are you so skinny? The question that is often heard a lot when friends know that you attend a gym to gain muscle.

If you do not gain weight with what you eat now, it is because your body is consuming all the calories that you have ingested during the day.

Therefore, the solution is:

Eat more and better.


A diet full of proteins, increase your dishes from 3 to at least 5; two snacks and the three usual meals.

And with "more" we are NOT talking about eating in exorbitant quantities or what you want: junk food does not work for your muscles as well as sweets.

3- Deadweight

A third trick to increase muscle mass, or rather an open secret, is the deadlift with superior grip.

This exercise allows you to generate muscle mass faster than any other you can do in the gym. It is a movement that will enhance the production of growth hormone.

You must be very careful when executing this exercise because it is quite complicated and any bad position can cause an injury.

4- Sleeping early

Our secret room many comments and they know it but few fulfill it.

Sleeping early helps muscle growth and we always insist on this advice because of the pleasant sleep, that is to say, resting really turning off body and brain for at least 6 hours guarantees a synthesis of proteins and segregation of growth hormone.

5- Eat Meat important for muscle mass:

The fifth trick to boost your muscle mass is to eat red meat.

A good piece of red meat comes loaded with vitamins and proteins that are excellent for increasing muscle.

The problem with this type of meat is the amount of cholesterol and fats that come with it, so you should limit your intake to only twice a week.

6- Sin with a cheat meal a week

The sixth trick that we will give you on how to increase muscle mass you will love. Fall into the temptation of a hypocaloric meal a week, have a cheat meal every 7 days.

This day you have permission to eat what you want but not how you want it and it is here where many are "wrong" because it is not to sin for a whole day and eat what causes you; is to select a meal of a single day, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, to eat a cheat meal, or what we call cheat meal.

Skip the diet once a week will help your body maintain a high metabolism and after spending about 7 days eating rationing and healthy your brain receives a sign of a lot of hunger.

Then this sudden peak in your calorie intake causes the increase in secretion in the thyroid which causes a greater loss of fat.

7- Fruits and vegetables for your muscle mass:

Enough of falling into temptations. Now we will explain the seventh trick that you will probably not like as much as the previous one.

You should eat at least a couple of servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

By adding to each of these dishes these portions accelerate the process of creating muscle. Vegetables and fruits provide antioxidants, which causes proteins to reach the muscles much faster.

8- A daily Protein Shake for muscle mass:

Our eighth tip is a mega shake that will make you recover your muscles after a good workout. The shake that we recommend you prepare after you leave everything inside the gym is the following:

  • 30 grams of your favorite protein

  • 60 grams of carbs

Following ingredients each of 5 grams

  • creatine

  • glutamine

  • BCAA

Let's make a parenthesis here.

Always remember that the tricks work as long as you practice them together and not separately. Try to combine them in the best way and take advantage of each one of them.

9- Set the pace for the workouts

We are almost finished, we have reached the ninth secret for increasing muscle mass. One of the easiest to meet, but we do not always pay the attention it deserves:


As you read, it is super important that you go to your gym with a set of songs from your favorite music. The music helps you in the concentration when performing the movements and helps to distract you from the fatigue and fatigue that the training generates.

It is a psychological process that makes the brain to entertain with the exercises. What is heard, making the training a more pleasant session and it will seem that time flew by.

But of course, it is important that you put rhythm to the correct routine for you. If you are an ectomorph type who struggles to gain muscle mass then the Strong Lifts 5 × 5 routine is the right one for you.

10- One-hand push-ups

Finally, the tenth secret of how to increase the muscle mass we want to share is to incorporate the push-ups to one hand in your workouts. You will think that we have gone mad, that maybe you do not have the necessary strength or enough to do it.

No, and here we explain:

Little by little you should try to realize them. You will see how your body will adapt and you will be able to execute them with greater fluidity.

It is amazing how many muscles this exercise works and you will see incredible results if you add it to your routines.

Yes, it is true that it is a difficult exercise, but it is not impossible. If you are a beginner wait at least a month, that is, when you have obtained a little more strength and resistance to start.

And so we have reached the end of this interesting post made for you with 10 infallible tips that we have shared for your body to begin its path to muscle growth.

Remember that the progress you can observe in your body depends on you.


5 Healthy Food That You Must Avoid Apparently

It is clear that some products are deceiving, but which ones should we be more careful with? These are the "apparently" healthy food that may not be as good as they claim to be and the alternative options that suit you in each case.

Every day seems to reach the market a new miracle food. It will help us lose some kilos, increase energy and improve our immune system. For many years the food business has conjointly been targeting shoppers United Nations agency. Care regarding health by giving a product that "apparently" are healthy. However are literally loaded of additives, chemicals, and ingredients of dubious quality. Despite being bestowed as healthy and wholesome foods. Several of those products not solely seems to be one thing that they're not. Due to that non-healthy food could even have a negative impact on health.


1.Fish For Fishing:

Fish is famous for a large number of properties it brings to health. It usually contains beneficial fats for the heart and essential micronutrients. So it is food to include in a balanced diet. In fact, the American Heart Association (AHA for its acronym in English) recommends eating at least two servings of fish a week.

Fish is a portion of good healthy food:

However, although wild fish are attributed to many health benefits. Farmed fish are not as beneficial and should not be abused. Salmon de fish farm, for example, hidden behind a label that calls it "Atlantic salmon", seems to have a greater amount of carcinogenic substances and toxins.

It is advisable to opt for healthier fish to ensure an adequate amount of omega 3 fatty acids and micronutrients. Wild Alaskan salmon, Atlantic mackerel and Pacific sardines, for example, are a nutritious and delicious alternative healthy food.

2.Muesli (of Bag):

Although muesli is usually considered a nutritious breakfast option and healthier than other sweets such as industrial pastries or sugar-laden cereals, we have to bear in mind that the muesli on the shelves of the supermarket also usually has a considerable amount of sugar and empty calories (so much that it should be considered more a sweet dessert than anything else!). Giving the body so much sugar in the morning can have harmful effects on your health, as indicated by studies that analyze the connection between a high sugar intake with a high probability of developing cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

As an alternative to mueslis that have more than 8-12 grams of sugar per serving. I recommend preparing your own mix (or granola bars!) At home with nutritious ingredients such as oatmeal, nuts, seeds, and the dried fruit, for example. You can also add other ingredients that are very beneficial to your health, such as chia and hemp seeds, to give them an even more crunchy touch, instead of using muesli.

3.Include Fruit Juices in healthy food:

There many people who imagine juice on the table when asked to think of a balanced breakfast. However, fruit juices are something that we should reconsider when we write the shopping list. Many of the smoothies sold in supermarkets, for example, have such a long list of added ingredients that they lose their benefits. This last fact is important because fiber helps reduce the absorption of sugar in the blood to prevent the rise and fall of the blood sugar level and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.

Whole fruit such as oranges, apples, and grapes, for example, are a better option than sweet fruit juices. Not only do they provide many important vitamins and minerals. But they are rich in fiber, which helps maintain a good blood sugar level and enjoy better health. As an alternative to processed juices, you can try to make your own natural juices at home.

4.Dietetic Snacks:

As much as it sounds tempting and innocent to take vegetable chips as an appetizer, in general, these types of alternatives to typical potato chips are not at all in healthy food. In fact, many of the chips that are bought in store have been fried with a lot of oil and have very high amounts of sodium, fat and other added ingredients that you should avoid.

Instead of buying a bag of these fried foods, try making some vegetable chips at home with kale, carrots, zucchini or radishes. If you crave something salty, another good alternative homemade popcorn, roasted chickpeas, and toasted seeds.

5.Artificial Sweeteners:

The stores are full of sweeteners that hide behind labels that qualify them as "healthy food". But which in reality is quite far from the properties of a product beneficial to health. Studies conclude that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose and saccharin can even increase appetite (and cravings!) And contribute to weight gain or impair intestinal health.

Reduce the consumption of "dietary" or "light" products loaded with artificial sweeteners. You can sweeten things on your own with fresh fruit, stevia, unrefined honey or natural maple syrup. For example, they will add a touch of flavor to your sweet dishes and will soothe your sugar cravings without the need to get into the body the additives Chemicals of artificial sweeteners.

Benefits of Healthy Food:

Instead of opting for highly processed foods, full of additives and chemicals. Try to include more fresh and nutritious products in your diet.

Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and unprocessed meat provide valuable nutrients and health benefits. Make simple changes in your diet from day to day when you go to taste your favorite dishes and thus avoid some of the harmful effects on your health.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Is fasting a working diet to loss weight?

Is fasting a working diet? What diet could lose weight quickly, healthily and permanently? The expert explains the pros and cons of various diets.

High protein diet:

The Basic Idea Protein keeps it saturated for a long time. If the source selects correctly, the saturation is obtained with little energy. It is, therefore, an excellent basis for the dieter. When you add a portion of the protein on the plate, you can't eat as much as before.

Eating large amounts of protein from fasting (breakfast) helps to keep the feeling of satiety steady. This reduces night-time cravings and dullness. When they are missed and the overall energy intake decreases, the weight turns into a fall.

What is Eat Every meal is rich in lean protein, such as meat, chicken or turkey fillet, skimmed meat, and eggs. It is good to eat fish a couple of times a week. The rest of the plate is mostly filled with vegetables. Whole grain is also in moderate amounts of good.

What not to eat, Eat white cereals, sugar and animal fat is avoided.

Eating red meat is good to limit to half a kg a week.

Comments by Nutritionist Anette Palssa” Our diets consist of more and more fast carbohydrates, i.e. low-fiber cereals and sugar. Our fitness is more than ever, but less muscle and energy are used in everyday life. In this equation, the excess carbohydrate is stored as energy, or fat, in the body.

With my weight management clients, we are almost always starting to increase protein, especially for breakfast and snacks.

Even the good rule of thumb is that in fasting meals should receive as much protein as carbohydrates from the physical amount, even the protein on the main meal.

Eating snacks in fasting:

Eating snacks is also decreasing. It is easy to pinch extra carbohydrates and hidden sugars, which can found in porridge, crumbs, muesli and snack bars. Protein-rich breakfast and two decent protein-plant-based meals a day will significantly support weight loss management.

It is easy to follow a protein-based diet in everyday and social situations. Challenges will come if you are accustomed to eating only bread and yogurt for the fasting (evening) meal.

A protein-rich diet is suitable for many.

Usually, the weight starts to fall comfortably from the beginning, the swelling in the stomach decreases and the alertness increases. All this motivates us to continue.

When the blood sugar level stays steady and the protein keeps starving at bay, sweet minds usually make it easier.

The model requires the planning of meals. The hardest thing to do is to find suitable snacks. On the other hand, many shops now have salad bars that make it easy to put together a snack. In restaurants and luncheons, eating protein and plants is already easy.”


The basic idea of a diet rich in vegetables and a little salt. The name comes from Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, treatment for elevated blood pressure in the diet. DASH is eaten as well as possible.

What's Eaten in the DASH's eight principles defines exactly how much you can eat. In practice, you can eat plenty of vegetables and berries, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and fish. Some soft fats, nuts, and legumes are eaten. You can also eat some sweets at a time five times a week.

What not to eat the intake of salt should limit to less than five grams, i.e. less than a teaspoon per day. Red meat is recommended to eat only a little.

Comments by Nutritionist Anette Palssa” A diet that is strongly in line with Nordic nutrition recommendations is healthy. It lowers blood pressure, for what purpose it is developed.

Challenges to DASH are caused by the scarce intake of salt, especially when it comes to eating a good amount of fibers, 25-30 grams per day. Finns are accustomed to getting fibers from a bread that has quite a lot of salt. The recommended amount of salt for the day comes full of the six slices of rye bread needed to get the fibers. The fibers must, therefore, deliberately picked up from elsewhere, even if they are bran.

DASH seems easy to implement at first glance, but it requires planning.

The cereal products used as a substitute for bread are also surprisingly rich in refined cereals and sugar.

The diet is moderately protein-rich and carbohydrate-rich. Saturation comes mainly from abundant vegetation and whole grain. Because of its carbohydrate content, DASH is very well suited for mobile, vegetarians, and those who do not need a rich protein to stay saturated.

For some, abundant grain and vegetarian eating cause intestinal symptoms. For example, irritable bowel syndrome sufferers are suitable for whole grain oats, rice, buckwheat, and quinoa. They are more abdominal than wheat and rye. You should also look at the gentle vegetation of the FODMAP diet and eat lactose-free milk products.”

Fasting with conscious eating:

Listening to body hunger messages is more important than observing the energy content of the food. The goal is to snack between body and mind. Thus, food is eaten for necessity, not for example in emotional states. Conscious eating is encapsulated in ten principles of learning how to feel hunger, satiety, and health. It is not possible to have a more flexible and less restrictive diet.

What to Eat Everything is eaten and nothing is forbidden

What not to eat foods are labeled as bad or fattening so that you would have to eat yourself without eating. On the other hand, no food should eat if not hungry. If you feel that eating greasy meals is not a health appreciation, they should not be eaten at least continuously.

Comments by Nutritionist Anette Palssa” Babies have a natural mechanism of satiety and hunger: when hunger is satisfied, the baby is no longer eating for fun. This feature disappears from many adults. In conscious eating, we try to restore the natural mechanism of satiety and hunger of the body and the brain.

Many slim people say they eat everything and do not limit their eating. On the other hand, overweight and associated blood glucose and insulin-specific disorders can interfere with the interpretation of satiety and hunger messages and cause unnecessary vigor to respond to hunger.

There is a lot of good in the model: everything is allowed and learned to listen to body messages.

The fact that nothing is forbidden is psychologically easier to accept, even if you do not eat everything. For emotional enthusiasts, this is a good way to learn how to distinguish the feeling of feeling caused by the emotional state from the right hunger.

Conscious eating can be really difficult if you have lived for years, eaten other than starving or miss eating when you have been hungry. If the real feeling of hunger is badly lost, it is difficult to trust his body and mind. Still, you can benefit from intuitive eating - especially under the guidance of a professional.

Scientific evidence of conscious eating is bad and it takes time to lose weight. In the long run, however, the scales are reduced. When the model is internalized, the punished pounds usually also stay away.

Increasing eating control is rewarding and makes it easier to gain permanent weight control.”

Gain Muscle easily tips and tricks

If to look good and fit you are looking to increase muscle mass in your body, today we bring some tips to gain muscle easily, with the help of training and other factors that influence hypertrophy.

Tricks to muscle gain:

The keys or the big basics of hypertrophy that will allow us to achieve the muscular gain that we are looking for to have a more voluminous body and with good shape are only three, take note!

Diet to hypertrophy:

It should be enough in calories or slightly hyper-caloric, it should offer a little more protein than what we usually consume and also, it should be adequate in hydrates, fats, and micro-nutrients. Considering these factors, you can know what to eat to gain muscle.

Intense training for muscle gain:

The physical work to hypertrophy must be hard, since it must generate stress and micro-fractures in the muscle fibers so that later, with the nutrients and adequate rest, it can compensate the loss and grow more than before.

Right rest:

we not only talk about having a good night's sleep, of quality and adequate quantity but also, resting between one day of training and another so that our muscles can recover and finally, grow as we want.

These are the three major keys that we must meet to gain muscle that, as you can see, requires our entire lifestyle to achieve this goal, as it is difficult to get rid of body mass, we also require dedication, perseverance, and patience to hypertrophy our muscles.

Tips to gain muscle:

We have already shown the keys or basic to achieve muscle gain, but within each of them, we can find various tricks or tips that can promote hypertrophy.

Focused on training especially, some tips and/or tricks that you can use to gain muscle are:


As we have said, the muscle must work and work at a high intensity if we want to cause small damage that will later translate into growth. For this, it is important to use loads and progressively increase them.

Muscle confusion:

We always say that the variety is the taste and that is what is "confusing our muscles" because for our body to work and make an effort. It is important to vary the routine, the load, the posture, and other factors. And let the effort or stimulus to grow to continue to be effective.

Work slow to gain muscle:

if you want quick results, reducing the work speed can be very helpful. As we showed previously, it requires a minimum time of muscle tension so that it encourages hypertrophy. It has proven that repetition should last between 0.5 and 8 seconds if we want to gain muscle.

Gain muscle through super series:

Super series consists of performing two sets of two different or equal exercises, without rest between them. It allows us to exhaust the muscle and demand it remarkably. Therefore, it is only recommended at advanced levels and not very often in the routine. It is clear that the body requires recovery and rest to grow and more effort, more need to rest.

Accentuate the eccentric phase:

if when we descend the load when performing biceps curl or shoulder press, we reduce the speed. We will be accentuating the negative or eccentric phase of the exercise. Generating greater tension and stress in the muscle and thus, producing an effective stimulus for muscular gain.

Use basic exercises for muscle gain:

As they mobilize several muscle groups at the same time, they generate a good stimulus and require great effort. Therefore, they are essential to gain volume and muscle mass in the body.

Some of the tricks that you can apply in your training to promote the muscle hypertrophy you are looking for.

However, do not forget that training is not the only factor that determines the growth of the muscle.       It also greatly influences the adequate rest and the correct feeding.

Therefore, be patient, do not stop trying and be persistent. Only in this way will you be able to gain volume and shape in your body. Thanks to the increase of muscle in it.

10 tips to increase muscle quickly

Do you want to increase your muscle mass but you have a hard time? Here we tell you how to do it.

Stop wasting your time with exercises or bad habits that only hurt you. Here is the best way to increase your muscle mass in a short time.

    10 quick tips to increase muscle:

  1. You should not exercise every day. As you read, exercising daily will not help you develop your muscle mass. What it will do is let the muscles rest. It is not advisable to exercise the same area more than twice a week. The only part of your body that you can work on daily is the calf. On the other hand, the muscles of the arms are easily exhausted, so you must work them less frequently.

  1. Lifting weight with superior grip is the exercise that will give you the best results. Forget the machines that stabilize the weight for you. If you really want to work your body do bench press, squats, pull ups or dead lifts.

  1. Sleeping for 8 hours guarantees that your muscles develop. Not only is it enough to go to the gym, rest is very important for the body to replace dead cells and secrete growth cells.

  1. Food is a key point. In some way you must recover the energies consumed. Red meat provides vitamins and especially proteins, essential to achieve volume. Of course, we recommend that you do not eat it more than twice a week. Avoid fats, because these will not help you build muscle, but belly.

  1. Of course you can pamper yourself for a day. It is necessary to consume a little fat. Therefore, we advise you to break the diet for a day and enjoy your favorite dish, as long as it is not junk food.

  1. For a routine to work, you do not have to spend hours in the gym. You can exercise from 30 to 45 minutes. That's right, less than an hour! Many people make the mistake of spending a lot of time training, which causes a muscular exhaustion. The best are the short routines, but that should make every minute you spend in the gym worthwhile.

  2. Few repetitions with a lot of weight is the key to increase muscle mass. Little weight and many repetitions will only help you to mark the area you work.

8.Five servings of fruits and vegetables will give you a large number of antioxidants that make                        proteins reach the muscles faster. You must mix the consumption of both

  1. Proteins are supplements that provide you with the nutrients you need to build muscle. Never take protein without exercise, because if you do, all these nutrients will become fat for your body.

  1. Doing push ups on the floor with just one arm is better than doing them with two. Why? You will burn more fat while working on your abdomen, chest, shoulders, trunk and triceps.

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