5 Healthy Food That You Must Avoid Apparently

It is clear that some products are deceiving, but which ones should we be more careful with? These are the "apparently" healthy food that may not be as good as they claim to be and the alternative options that suit you in each case.

Every day seems to reach the market a new miracle food. It will help us lose some kilos, increase energy and improve our immune system. For many years the food business has conjointly been targeting shoppers United Nations agency. Care regarding health by giving a product that "apparently" are healthy. However are literally loaded of additives, chemicals, and ingredients of dubious quality. Despite being bestowed as healthy and wholesome foods. Several of those products not solely seems to be one thing that they're not. Due to that non-healthy food could even have a negative impact on health.


1.Fish For Fishing:

Fish is famous for a large number of properties it brings to health. It usually contains beneficial fats for the heart and essential micronutrients. So it is food to include in a balanced diet. In fact, the American Heart Association (AHA for its acronym in English) recommends eating at least two servings of fish a week.

Fish is a portion of good healthy food:

However, although wild fish are attributed to many health benefits. Farmed fish are not as beneficial and should not be abused. Salmon de fish farm, for example, hidden behind a label that calls it "Atlantic salmon", seems to have a greater amount of carcinogenic substances and toxins.

It is advisable to opt for healthier fish to ensure an adequate amount of omega 3 fatty acids and micronutrients. Wild Alaskan salmon, Atlantic mackerel and Pacific sardines, for example, are a nutritious and delicious alternative healthy food.

2.Muesli (of Bag):

Although muesli is usually considered a nutritious breakfast option and healthier than other sweets such as industrial pastries or sugar-laden cereals, we have to bear in mind that the muesli on the shelves of the supermarket also usually has a considerable amount of sugar and empty calories (so much that it should be considered more a sweet dessert than anything else!). Giving the body so much sugar in the morning can have harmful effects on your health, as indicated by studies that analyze the connection between a high sugar intake with a high probability of developing cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

As an alternative to mueslis that have more than 8-12 grams of sugar per serving. I recommend preparing your own mix (or granola bars!) At home with nutritious ingredients such as oatmeal, nuts, seeds, and the dried fruit, for example. You can also add other ingredients that are very beneficial to your health, such as chia and hemp seeds, to give them an even more crunchy touch, instead of using muesli.

3.Include Fruit Juices in healthy food:

There many people who imagine juice on the table when asked to think of a balanced breakfast. However, fruit juices are something that we should reconsider when we write the shopping list. Many of the smoothies sold in supermarkets, for example, have such a long list of added ingredients that they lose their benefits. This last fact is important because fiber helps reduce the absorption of sugar in the blood to prevent the rise and fall of the blood sugar level and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.

Whole fruit such as oranges, apples, and grapes, for example, are a better option than sweet fruit juices. Not only do they provide many important vitamins and minerals. But they are rich in fiber, which helps maintain a good blood sugar level and enjoy better health. As an alternative to processed juices, you can try to make your own natural juices at home.

4.Dietetic Snacks:

As much as it sounds tempting and innocent to take vegetable chips as an appetizer, in general, these types of alternatives to typical potato chips are not at all in healthy food. In fact, many of the chips that are bought in store have been fried with a lot of oil and have very high amounts of sodium, fat and other added ingredients that you should avoid.

Instead of buying a bag of these fried foods, try making some vegetable chips at home with kale, carrots, zucchini or radishes. If you crave something salty, another good alternative homemade popcorn, roasted chickpeas, and toasted seeds.

5.Artificial Sweeteners:

The stores are full of sweeteners that hide behind labels that qualify them as "healthy food". But which in reality is quite far from the properties of a product beneficial to health. Studies conclude that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose and saccharin can even increase appetite (and cravings!) And contribute to weight gain or impair intestinal health.

Reduce the consumption of "dietary" or "light" products loaded with artificial sweeteners. You can sweeten things on your own with fresh fruit, stevia, unrefined honey or natural maple syrup. For example, they will add a touch of flavor to your sweet dishes and will soothe your sugar cravings without the need to get into the body the additives Chemicals of artificial sweeteners.

Benefits of Healthy Food:

Instead of opting for highly processed foods, full of additives and chemicals. Try to include more fresh and nutritious products in your diet.

Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and unprocessed meat provide valuable nutrients and health benefits. Make simple changes in your diet from day to day when you go to taste your favorite dishes and thus avoid some of the harmful effects on your health.

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