Gain Muscle easily tips and tricks

If to look good and fit you are looking to increase muscle mass in your body, today we bring some tips to gain muscle easily, with the help of training and other factors that influence hypertrophy.

Tricks to muscle gain:

The keys or the big basics of hypertrophy that will allow us to achieve the muscular gain that we are looking for to have a more voluminous body and with good shape are only three, take note!

Diet to hypertrophy:

It should be enough in calories or slightly hyper-caloric, it should offer a little more protein than what we usually consume and also, it should be adequate in hydrates, fats, and micro-nutrients. Considering these factors, you can know what to eat to gain muscle.

Intense training for muscle gain:

The physical work to hypertrophy must be hard, since it must generate stress and micro-fractures in the muscle fibers so that later, with the nutrients and adequate rest, it can compensate the loss and grow more than before.

Right rest:

we not only talk about having a good night's sleep, of quality and adequate quantity but also, resting between one day of training and another so that our muscles can recover and finally, grow as we want.

These are the three major keys that we must meet to gain muscle that, as you can see, requires our entire lifestyle to achieve this goal, as it is difficult to get rid of body mass, we also require dedication, perseverance, and patience to hypertrophy our muscles.

Tips to gain muscle:

We have already shown the keys or basic to achieve muscle gain, but within each of them, we can find various tricks or tips that can promote hypertrophy.

Focused on training especially, some tips and/or tricks that you can use to gain muscle are:


As we have said, the muscle must work and work at a high intensity if we want to cause small damage that will later translate into growth. For this, it is important to use loads and progressively increase them.

Muscle confusion:

We always say that the variety is the taste and that is what is "confusing our muscles" because for our body to work and make an effort. It is important to vary the routine, the load, the posture, and other factors. And let the effort or stimulus to grow to continue to be effective.

Work slow to gain muscle:

if you want quick results, reducing the work speed can be very helpful. As we showed previously, it requires a minimum time of muscle tension so that it encourages hypertrophy. It has proven that repetition should last between 0.5 and 8 seconds if we want to gain muscle.

Gain muscle through super series:

Super series consists of performing two sets of two different or equal exercises, without rest between them. It allows us to exhaust the muscle and demand it remarkably. Therefore, it is only recommended at advanced levels and not very often in the routine. It is clear that the body requires recovery and rest to grow and more effort, more need to rest.

Accentuate the eccentric phase:

if when we descend the load when performing biceps curl or shoulder press, we reduce the speed. We will be accentuating the negative or eccentric phase of the exercise. Generating greater tension and stress in the muscle and thus, producing an effective stimulus for muscular gain.

Use basic exercises for muscle gain:

As they mobilize several muscle groups at the same time, they generate a good stimulus and require great effort. Therefore, they are essential to gain volume and muscle mass in the body.

Some of the tricks that you can apply in your training to promote the muscle hypertrophy you are looking for.

However, do not forget that training is not the only factor that determines the growth of the muscle.       It also greatly influences the adequate rest and the correct feeding.

Therefore, be patient, do not stop trying and be persistent. Only in this way will you be able to gain volume and shape in your body. Thanks to the increase of muscle in it.

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