Is fasting a working diet to loss weight?

Is fasting a working diet? What diet could lose weight quickly, healthily and permanently? The expert explains the pros and cons of various diets.

High protein diet:

The Basic Idea Protein keeps it saturated for a long time. If the source selects correctly, the saturation is obtained with little energy. It is, therefore, an excellent basis for the dieter. When you add a portion of the protein on the plate, you can't eat as much as before.

Eating large amounts of protein from fasting (breakfast) helps to keep the feeling of satiety steady. This reduces night-time cravings and dullness. When they are missed and the overall energy intake decreases, the weight turns into a fall.

What is Eat Every meal is rich in lean protein, such as meat, chicken or turkey fillet, skimmed meat, and eggs. It is good to eat fish a couple of times a week. The rest of the plate is mostly filled with vegetables. Whole grain is also in moderate amounts of good.

What not to eat, Eat white cereals, sugar and animal fat is avoided.

Eating red meat is good to limit to half a kg a week.

Comments by Nutritionist Anette Palssa” Our diets consist of more and more fast carbohydrates, i.e. low-fiber cereals and sugar. Our fitness is more than ever, but less muscle and energy are used in everyday life. In this equation, the excess carbohydrate is stored as energy, or fat, in the body.

With my weight management clients, we are almost always starting to increase protein, especially for breakfast and snacks.

Even the good rule of thumb is that in fasting meals should receive as much protein as carbohydrates from the physical amount, even the protein on the main meal.

Eating snacks in fasting:

Eating snacks is also decreasing. It is easy to pinch extra carbohydrates and hidden sugars, which can found in porridge, crumbs, muesli and snack bars. Protein-rich breakfast and two decent protein-plant-based meals a day will significantly support weight loss management.

It is easy to follow a protein-based diet in everyday and social situations. Challenges will come if you are accustomed to eating only bread and yogurt for the fasting (evening) meal.

A protein-rich diet is suitable for many.

Usually, the weight starts to fall comfortably from the beginning, the swelling in the stomach decreases and the alertness increases. All this motivates us to continue.

When the blood sugar level stays steady and the protein keeps starving at bay, sweet minds usually make it easier.

The model requires the planning of meals. The hardest thing to do is to find suitable snacks. On the other hand, many shops now have salad bars that make it easy to put together a snack. In restaurants and luncheons, eating protein and plants is already easy.”


The basic idea of a diet rich in vegetables and a little salt. The name comes from Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, treatment for elevated blood pressure in the diet. DASH is eaten as well as possible.

What's Eaten in the DASH's eight principles defines exactly how much you can eat. In practice, you can eat plenty of vegetables and berries, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and fish. Some soft fats, nuts, and legumes are eaten. You can also eat some sweets at a time five times a week.

What not to eat the intake of salt should limit to less than five grams, i.e. less than a teaspoon per day. Red meat is recommended to eat only a little.

Comments by Nutritionist Anette Palssa” A diet that is strongly in line with Nordic nutrition recommendations is healthy. It lowers blood pressure, for what purpose it is developed.

Challenges to DASH are caused by the scarce intake of salt, especially when it comes to eating a good amount of fibers, 25-30 grams per day. Finns are accustomed to getting fibers from a bread that has quite a lot of salt. The recommended amount of salt for the day comes full of the six slices of rye bread needed to get the fibers. The fibers must, therefore, deliberately picked up from elsewhere, even if they are bran.

DASH seems easy to implement at first glance, but it requires planning.

The cereal products used as a substitute for bread are also surprisingly rich in refined cereals and sugar.

The diet is moderately protein-rich and carbohydrate-rich. Saturation comes mainly from abundant vegetation and whole grain. Because of its carbohydrate content, DASH is very well suited for mobile, vegetarians, and those who do not need a rich protein to stay saturated.

For some, abundant grain and vegetarian eating cause intestinal symptoms. For example, irritable bowel syndrome sufferers are suitable for whole grain oats, rice, buckwheat, and quinoa. They are more abdominal than wheat and rye. You should also look at the gentle vegetation of the FODMAP diet and eat lactose-free milk products.”

Fasting with conscious eating:

Listening to body hunger messages is more important than observing the energy content of the food. The goal is to snack between body and mind. Thus, food is eaten for necessity, not for example in emotional states. Conscious eating is encapsulated in ten principles of learning how to feel hunger, satiety, and health. It is not possible to have a more flexible and less restrictive diet.

What to Eat Everything is eaten and nothing is forbidden

What not to eat foods are labeled as bad or fattening so that you would have to eat yourself without eating. On the other hand, no food should eat if not hungry. If you feel that eating greasy meals is not a health appreciation, they should not be eaten at least continuously.

Comments by Nutritionist Anette Palssa” Babies have a natural mechanism of satiety and hunger: when hunger is satisfied, the baby is no longer eating for fun. This feature disappears from many adults. In conscious eating, we try to restore the natural mechanism of satiety and hunger of the body and the brain.

Many slim people say they eat everything and do not limit their eating. On the other hand, overweight and associated blood glucose and insulin-specific disorders can interfere with the interpretation of satiety and hunger messages and cause unnecessary vigor to respond to hunger.

There is a lot of good in the model: everything is allowed and learned to listen to body messages.

The fact that nothing is forbidden is psychologically easier to accept, even if you do not eat everything. For emotional enthusiasts, this is a good way to learn how to distinguish the feeling of feeling caused by the emotional state from the right hunger.

Conscious eating can be really difficult if you have lived for years, eaten other than starving or miss eating when you have been hungry. If the real feeling of hunger is badly lost, it is difficult to trust his body and mind. Still, you can benefit from intuitive eating - especially under the guidance of a professional.

Scientific evidence of conscious eating is bad and it takes time to lose weight. In the long run, however, the scales are reduced. When the model is internalized, the punished pounds usually also stay away.

Increasing eating control is rewarding and makes it easier to gain permanent weight control.”

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