Stay strong and healthy with muscle strength training!

Stay strong and healthy with strength training!

Most of us begin to lose muscle strength and lose muscles at 35 years of age. This is, due to aging and the fact that our activity decreasing with age. However, there is one easy solution to reducing muscle strength - namely strength training!

Helps maintain muscle mass:

Regular strength training will help you maintain strength and muscle mass. And not all of this - with regular strength training you grow your muscle mass, regardless of whether you start at age 30 or 70!

10 tips to gain muscles mass and strength

Loss Weight:

Adult men who do not do strength training or exercise other muscle-building activities may lose up to half a kilo of muscle mass a year from the age of 50. Of course, women have less muscle mass than men, so for them, strength training is all the more important.

Keeps your bones firm:

Strength training is important for maintaining muscles mass, but it is also important for your bones. The bone that does not get enough movement quickly loses its strength.

The best exercise to strengthen the skeleton is one that exposes the skeleton to stress or shocks. The resistance generated by the strength training causes pressure in the bones and helps to form a more solid structure. For excitement, the skeleton, in turn, is exposed to, among other things, running and jumping.

six-month training:

Studies have shown that six-month regular strength training increases skeletal strength by 2%. It may not sound like a lot, but if your bone strengthens by a couple of percents, it is a remarkable improvement and can protect you from serious injuries.

Keeps your body healthy and strong!

In addition to strengthening the skeleton and growing muscles mass, you get a whole host of other positive health effects that help keep your body youthful and fit.

Strength training:

A stronger body will withstand more stress and will generate more energy in an active everyday life. Regular strength training also affects body composition. The proportion of muscle mass increases and the proportion of adipose tissue decreases. Strength training thus also contributes to energy-burning because muscle burns fat more than fat tissue. In addition, the body is able to regulate blood sugar levels better.

Strength training is important for maintaining health. The body remains strong and strong, looks younger and you feel good!
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