Work out outdoors without worrying about the weather!

Work out outdoors without worrying! When the thermometer reads down and the days become shorter, it is easy to leave the running shoes lying on the shelf. We will give you tips that will give you enthusiasm for exercise in the darkness of autumn.

It's easy to find excuses for immobility - and it's especially easy in the fall and winter when it's both dark and cold. Many choose to sit on the sofa instead of exercise during autumn and winter. In fact, we average about half a kilo during the winter months.

But autumn and winter are a time when exercise is especially useful for us because it provides extra protection and energy. In fact, autumn can be the best time for outdoor activities if you have the right equipment. If you prefer to be inside, there are many exciting exercise groups in the gyms to try out.

How do you maintain motivation to move in the dark?

Create an exercise plan

Make a plan for the days of workout and in what way - and stick to it! Many think that the best time to work out is in the morning or right after the work is finished because it is harder to get up on the couch in the evening when you are tired after the day.

Another tip is to add exercise as a natural part of your day. If you go out for a while with your friends or if you live close to your workplace, you can move between places either by walking or cycling.

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In order for you to move, it may be wise to make a binding agreement with someone. It's nice to combine exercise and social life. Registering with a local exercise group can be another option.

Get the right equipment for work out:

If you like traveling outside, there is no reason to stop it after the fall. But it's important to be properly dressed!

If you plan on running. It is recommended to dress as lightly as possible. If you have a lot of clothing, you sweat and cool more easily. Synthetic fibers are better than cotton. At the beginning of the exercise, it is good to be a little cold because of the warmth of the exercise, and at that time it is more comfortable when you have fewer clothes on.

In winter, headlamps and pins in shoes can also be a good option.

Try something new

If your favorite exercise is an outdoor exercise, but you simply don't bother to work out when it's cold, you can take advantage of the opportunity to try something new. Try some group exercise in the gym.

It may also be nice to take indoor sports. For example, you can both cycle and run!

Set a goal

What do you want from exercise? Setting realistic goals can be a good motivator. You may have short-term goals, such as running a 5-kilometer ride, cycling to work, etc. In addition to the short-term goal, there may also be the main goal, such as long hiking in the fells, running a marathon, or something else.

If you're motivated, it's easier to succeed. Goal setting increases both input and endurance. But it is important that the goal is attractive to you so that you do not lose your passion along the way.
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