Foods to look more beautiful skin and hair

Our diet is essential to make our hair and skin look better. Poor consumption habits will be mirrored in a very a lot of opaque and fewer healthy skin.
If you want your skin and hair look like the famous ones. If you want to see yourself radiant in an important appointment. If you are tired of your hair is opaque and your face loses elasticity and youth, do not hesitate to continue reading. Know which are the best foods to show off the most beautiful skin and hair.
Foods to have healthier skin
What you eat may be causing your skin to look more opaque, oily, with acne or blemishes, in short, less beautiful and less healthy.
Some foods have the ability to favorably modify imperfections that may appear. If you change your diet, if you start eating healthier, you will surely notice it on your skin.
The tomato is one of the best defenses that the dermis has in order to eliminate toxins. This is because it has an important antioxidant lycopene, which protects the skin from the damage that can cause exposure to sunlight.
In order to take advantage of its properties, you must consume it fresh and natural. In case of sunburn, you can place slices of tomato on the burnt skin, they will absorb the heat.
It has components to stimulate the growth of the enzymes responsible for protecting the skin and improving it. The skin that is treated with broccoli extract and then exposed to the sun's rays had almost 40% less swelling or redness.
Semisweet chocolate
Eating chocolate with a large amount of cocoa and less milk and fat has several effects, not only for the skin, but also improves mood and the ability to perform more.
In the case of aesthetics, we can say that this sweet softens and improves the appearance of the skin, since it contains various substances with the ability to reduce premature aging, fatigue and sleep problems.
Red meats
As long as you consume them without fat and cooked (not fried), you can take advantage of their skin benefits. It is that red meat contains substances, such as proteins or zinc that treat acne more effectively than any other antibiotic.
They also provide amino acids, glycine and proline. All these compounds produce more collagen that help improve the general condition of the skin, especially to reduce inflammation. You can also find them in fish, cottage cheese, lentils and black beans.
Olive oil and flax seeds
In both cases, they are rich in linoleic acid, present in the Omega 3 fatty acid of olive oil and flax seeds. They will help you fight the dryness of the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
And in the case of olive oil, it can be used topically to eliminate the dryness of the skin and prevent the spread of dandruff, for example.
Certain types of fish have nutrients that can protect the body's cells and skin cells. If a lot of good fat is not consumed, the skin becomes weaker and brittle.
Those that come from blue fish such as salmon and hake stimulate the repair and protection of cells. They are advised in people suffering from dermatitis.
Healthy skin and hair: ideal foods for your hair
If you want your hair to look really nice and healthy every day, reduce the damage caused by the dye, the planchita, the treatments and the sun, then, do not hesitate to take advantage of these foods:
This small and at the same time wonderful fruit has a good amount of vitamin C and therefore they help us to absorb the iron of the other foods that we eat. This results in healthier hair. Do not forget to combine the dessert kiwi with foods like lentils.
They provide proteins and other minerals that promote capillary health. Also, they offer selenium. This nutrient allows to improve the health of the scalp.
The omega-e fatty acid and the alpha-linolenic acid in the nuts condition the hair. Almonds have a lot of zinc, which prevents the strands from falling
Green vegetables
Chard, broccoli, spinach and other green vegetables have many vitamins and minerals that take care of your hair.
In the case of vitamins A and C, they have the ability to produce more of the oils that the scalp needs to strengthen the hair. And as if that were not enough, they have calcium and iron.
Bacon is not healthy if it is consumed in a large quantity. However, it contains zinc, proteins and other B-complex vitamins, crucial for us to keep our hair shiny and thick. You can consume turkey bacon or reduced in sodium to not neglect the diet.
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Lean beef
Lean meat tIt has an excellent amount of iron, therefore it is recommended in comparison to red. If we do not have normal levels of this nutrient, it is more likely that our hair will fall out. In the case of beef, not only will it provide calcium, but it will absorb it from other foods.
One unit gives us about 4 grams of protein and also a good amount of vitamin B12. If you lack this nutrient, it is more likely to appear gray or hair with less pigmentation. Eggs are rich in biotin, related to hair growth and nails.
As you can see, it is very easy to take care of your skin and hair paying attention to what you eat. Watch your diet, be sure to eat enough of the foods that we have mentioned and in a very short time you will have spectacular skin and hair.

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