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            The blogger templates define the look of page/post views in different web browser and different devices. These templates are written in HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. Keep in mind all these languages combine to generate templates. Templates body divided into two category one is head section other one is body section of body part. Every section has open and closing bracket, In deep I ArticleCarts provide you complete guide in Web development portion.  ArticleCarts provide you different blogger templates that is developed by ArticleCarts and all over the world to fulfill your requirement.

            You can also contact ArticleCarts for any blogger templates, get help in any templates if you found any problem for implementation. Feel free to contact us for any guide in templates development and updates in templates. You can also submit you templates on W3Scholar for coming generation to provide better plate form. W3Scholar working 24 hour to provide you best plate form regarding templates of Blogger.

        Blogger is a blog publishing service that allows multiple user to post their article, research, audio, video, any type of data related to soft-form that work in computer or related device (i.e mobile). Blogger was developed by Pyra Labs, and later on this labs and blogger was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs (Blogger) are hosted by Google and accessed from a sub-domain of

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          Allow Your visitors to wherever they want to access your blog in any devices they want to use like Desktops, Tablets, Laptops and Mobiles. Responsive Templates optimize for your blog comfortable with all devices. Give the best experience to your visitors and customers by using your site.
        Blogger is a blog publishing service that allow multi-user blog with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of

How To Use Templates On Blogger:

          After download the zip file that contains 500 templates open it in wordpad or notepad and copy all these line by Ctrl+A and copy this text and follow the steps :

  1. Open Your Blogs in Blogger and choose the required blog that's you wants to change its templates.
  2. Click On "Themes" given in menu bar.
  3. Click "On Edit HTML" given below the box.
  4. Select all coding and deletes this code and save the code that you copy from given file that ArticleCarts provides you.
     ArticleCarts Provides you premium templates free of cost. The above file contains 500 blogger templates in different modes like dark view, simple view, slider view. All these View give you many choices which them you want to implement. All Theme are free from unauthorize. Never use those templates that contains adsense code of other user and verification of Website URL to their advertise network company i.e adsense and also alternative of adsense. ArticleCarts is freely access website. If you want to feel any problem regarding contact us on above link given in menu bar. Many website try to get trafic in a bad way, they try to upload many blogger templates on single website and open new tabs for more ads. In above link new tabs open only for Google drive to download file. 
                Templates use by ArticleCarts is also available in the given file that I upload. Their are billion of templates in the world for blogger depending upon the requirements. Above zip give you many choices and I hope you will satisfied on using above templates.

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